About this Blog

This blog is maintained by Aerides & Lovewaves, a couple of young intellectuals spellbound by each other and fascinated by social sciences and the humanities. Both of us are academics who study the intricacies of the human mind and its interrelation with the world.

We find our greatest sources of inspiration in love, art, and the collective creative process itself. We view the Internet as an instrument with uniquely far-reaching implications for the realization of human potential and our work on this website therefore aims to be our modest contribution to the prodigious expression of creativity and ingenuity that is found in cyberspace.

You will mainly find here musings on various philosophical, sociological, and political topics, as well as summaries and analyses of ideas that have piqued our interest. We might also eventually publish here anything from poetry to reviews of animé, as well as friends’ writings that match our own views and stylistic inclinations.

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