Four Short Poems

I wrote the following four poems not only to convey diverse experiences of poetic awe, but also to experiment with following a rather rigid verse structure in English (my second language).

The first (“Sunsets”) was notably written in memory of sunsets over Paris and New York. The last (““) was written for my girlfriend Lovewaves and is dedicated to her.


All the worlds I tried and failed to say;
When the sky drowns and the Sun flies away;

Of wilted sunsets always undone in the same horizon;
I will tell a sea of the brightest passion.


Lightness of flying thought;
Crossing the celestial expanse;
Reflecting what I wrought;
As I become trance;
Fade into infinite distance.

All Things Above the Moon

Above the blue sky and a white Moon;
Nothingness and stars that make us swoon;
Heed the timeless flow of illusion;
Amid the void, matter, light and motion.

That what we are;
Is endless;
So is this feeling;
That we now share.

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